Our Mission

Transacting with cryptocurrency should be as easy as dealing with fiat currency and offer a superior customer experience by leveraging newly available technology.

We believe that businesses of any size should be able to offer new payment methods to customers, such as Bitcoin, for the goods and services which they wish to provide and in so doing, not be excluded from traditional financial systems.

We believe that businesses need to be assured of a seamless customer journey, efficient payment processing, trustworthy and capable technology delivering innovative solutions, and an infrastructure enabling focus to be on growth and reliability. Moneybite offers this to businesses by allowing them to focus on the good stuff with the interference of as few intermediaries as possible in delivering to their customers, exchange goods and services for established and widely regarded cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, and in so doing, not be excluded from traditional financial systems.

Our vision is to be the trusted bridge between established and reputable cryptocurrencies and more traditional fiat systems to make this a reality for any business and its customers.

Our Products

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Enabling your Business to Accept Payment in Bitcoin

A heavily road-tested, security tested, state of the art technology and API allowing payments in crypto to be made, securely stored and/or exchanged into fiat. Integration is quick, and supported throughout by our in-house team of developers on hand to assist with the process.

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Instantly Exchange your Crypto To Fiat

For businesses that are concerned about the possible exposure to the volatility of cryptocurrency, Moneybite offers a simple solution to instantly convert crypto to fiat at spot rate. Moneybite always acts as the counterparty, offering a transparent and very fair price, that businesses can convert if they do not wish to expose themselves to Bitcoin price movements.

The price the merchant sees is the price that he receives.

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Merchants can use Moneybite's invoicing feature to generate a one-time screen, with the real time conversion of cryptocurrency to fiat amount and present this to their clients.

Using this feature, the customer will always get a spot price and the cryptocurrency is sent directly to Moneybite, with the merchant's account being credited immediately.

The merchant does not need to be exposed to volatility of value currently associated with certain cryptocurrencies, whilst the price conversion is fair, instant and totally transparent.

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Merchants can generate channels to receive funds. These channels are permanent and can be used to track individual transactions. New channels can be generated on demand which is advantageous to meet privacy or business segmentation requirements.

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Hosted Wallet

Merchants that would like to accept cryptocurrency but are concerned about securely storing these can use Moneybite as a hosted wallet solution. The coins can be safely kept until ready to liquidate or transfer out to another wallet.

Our Edge

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State of the art and robust technology built over the course of many years
Instant assurance that payment is captured and is irreversible
Scalable, tried, tested and customisable
Management team with expertise
Unique instant settlement solution
Dependable banking partners
No need to wait for on block confirmation
A powerful and secure API


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Contact Info
Moneybite Limited is located at Level 1D, Centris Business Gateway II, Triq is-Salib tal-Imriehel, Zone 3 Central Business District CBD 3020, Birkirkara, Malta. The Company is licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) and is a holder of a Class 3 VFA License under the Virtual Financial Assets Act of 2018. Moneybite Limited is authorised to provide the following services to Experienced and Non-Experienced Investors: Reception and Transmission of orders, Custodian or Nominee Services, Execution of Orders on the behalf of other persons, Dealing on own account, and Transfer Services. If you have a complaint about any aspect of our service, kindly refer to our Complaints Handling Process.